Answers to Your Vehicle and Freight Shipping Questions

“How long will it take for Truck It Transport Inc. to transport my vehicle or freight?

The time it takes to ship varies depending on how far the destination point is. Both parties agree on pick up and drop off times. The freight or vehicle is usually picked up within 1-9 business days from the day your order is placed or first available pick up date. Faster pick up times are available if needed. Delivery time will vary depending on the distance. Contact us with any questions or for a free quote.


What does First Available Date mean?

The First Available Date is the first day your shipments is available to be picked up. It is not always the exact pick up date.

Approximate times for freight or vehicle transport.

Please refer to our handy table below for approximate time frames related to the distance.



0-100 1-2
300-600 1-2
600-1000 2-4
1000-1500 2-6
1500-2000 3-7
2000-2400 4-8
2400+ 5-10


What will my pick up time be?

Once a carrier has been assigned to your shipment you will be contacted by email with all the information needed to complete the transaction. This includes estimated pick up and drop off times as well as all contact information of the assigned carrier. Until a carrier gets assigned or notifies us of there schedule, we will not know a time for pick up as it would still be posted on the national load boards for carriers to take.


Are delivery times and dates guaranteed?

They can be! A guaranteed delivery date can be requested and will be reflected in your quote, we advise going with an expedited option if you do not have an open time frame for pick up and delivery with our standard quotes.


What are my Payment Options?

When a order is placed, we require no funds. Not until the order is dispatched is when the deposit will be taken from your credit card by Truck It Transport Inc. The remaining balance is paid to the shipping carrier upon delivery cash/certified funds only please. The deposit amount will be on your invoice but does not mean that is the amount will be taken. Sometimes drivers ask for more money and we take this money out of the deposit (broker fee) and add this onto carrier rate. The price is no different to the customer, and the customer will be notified with updated invoice when this happens.


Will you take a credit card payment for the full bill?

We do not do this anymore unless approved by Truck It Transport owner. There is certain cases we do this for, please ask for details before a carrier is assigned to your order.


Is the pickup time guaranteed

It can be with expedited shipping! You must first decide what your pick up date will be. Depending on how specific the pickup time is will be represented in your free personal quote. We advise going with expedited shipping if you need a small window for pick up or delivery.


Door-to-Door transport… What does that mean?

Door-to-door means exactly that! We will pick up your shipment as close to your door as we can legally get and drop it off in the same fashion. Our goal is to limit your stress and take care of everything. Some of the transport trucks are pretty big, especially for longer distances, so it may be difficult for us to get to close, but we’ll do our best. If a truck cannot make it to your door, the driver will simply ask the customer to meet within a few miles at a nearby parking lot like Walmart or¬†a safe loading/unloading zone.


Is my deposit refundable?

It is to a point. If you cancel your order before a carrier has been assigned to your shipment your deposit can be fully refunded minus $75 admin fee. If you cancel after a carrier has been assigned unfortunately your deposit CAN NOT be refunded at that point due to our licensing agreements with carriers.


What does the term Top Load mean?

Top Load means that your car will be loaded on the top deck of the auto transport truck. Its a 50/50 chance you will get this. If you prefer top load only, please advise us, the usual charge for this is an extra $100.


Open and enclosed shipping‚ĶWhat’s the difference?

Open Shipping is when your car or freight sits on a trailer and is open and exposed to the elements. In most cases this is a safe and efficient way to transport your vehicle or goods.
Enclosed provides more protection. It is normally used with luxury or vintage automobiles.


What type of trucks do you use to transport my goods or vehicle?

Depending on the type of shipping you chose and the type of vehicle or freight that is being shipped the transportation method may change.


What type of shipping services does Truck It Transport Inc. offer?

We offer open and enclosed shipping for all your vehicle and freight.


Do you ship all types of vehicles?

We ship most types of vehicles. We ship boats, cars, trucks, watercraft, SUVs, regular cargo, passenger vans, big trucks, heavy equipment and more. Just contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


My vehicle doesn’t run. Can I still get it transported with Truck It Transport Inc.?

Yes, but the car must still be able to roll. If we cannot steer and move the car we will not be able to transport it. If your car can roll and steer, but will not start, contact us and we will work out the specifics with you or simply mark the inoperable checkbox when filling out quotes.


Can you transport a vehicle that is over-sized or modified?

You bet we can! You’ll have to call us at 727-253-1802 for a quote, we’ll be happy to help.


Can I have items shipped within my vehicle?

Sometimes. You’ll have to call our offices at 727-253-1802 for a specified quote for your situation. Please¬†let us know you will be putting items in trunk and¬†make sure to keep weight below 100LBS in the trunk of the vehicle only. Be sure to make notes when placing the order so we can let the driver know. If the driver is not warned ahead of time, the driver has the right to charge up to additional $150.


What if my car is damaged during transport?

You will have the option of inspecting the car. If you find damage be sure to take a photo and file a report right away and mark this on the inspection report before the driver leaves. Please contact us for the insurance information as we will assist you with your claim in any way possible.


When my car is being transported is it insured?

Yes. Your transported vehicle/freight will be fully insured by the assigned carriers commercial insurance.


Are my personal items insured?

No. If your items are valuable we suggest that you ship them in a different fashion.


Is there a deductible?

No deductible is necessary.


Should my tank be full?

No. You should only have about a 1/4 of a tank of gas or less.


How should I get my vehicle ready to be transported?

Make sure that your vehicle is clean and empty. Be sure to remove any loose parts or racks.


Will my mileage go up?

No. Your vehicle will only be driven for loading and unloading.


Is Truck It Transport Inc. a broker or a carrier?

We are a transport broker. We have a reliable network of over 5000 carriers and 15,000 drivers to assist you with your transport.


My vehicle is very high value and I’m a little nervous about having it transported.

I don’t blame you. Many people put a lot of time and/or money into their vehicle and they deserve their vehicle to be treated with respect and care. All of our carriers are checked, screened, experienced and have monitored safety scores.